Wednesday, October 29, 2008

In Vancouver, cars, bikes and people are created equal

I recently visited Vancouver, where cyclists, pedestrians, and vehicles get equal priority. This is unheard of in Atlanta or most America cities, where the automobile has been a top DOT priority for the past 50 years.
There are no freeways running through downtown Vancouver, and retail stores wrap around every single block. Mixed use, high density development and bicycle lanes are everywhere, yet the streets do not feel over burdened.
Many of my friends who live and work in Vancouver will disagree with that last statement, telling me it takes them 20-30 minutes to get a few miles in their car. Of course, none of them cycles or takes transit. If nothing else, it is an amazing city where cyclists, pedestrians and vehicles co-exist on urban streets.
It's been said, if you build your city for people, you get people, and if you build your city for cars, you get cars. We should build our city for both.

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